Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hi foodie…. Hope everyone checked my blog Simply Tadka…..

This PREETI'S KITCHEN MENU is created just for ALL OF U, so that you don't have to search so much to find Recipes which you want...I have Recipes under different courses, like Starter, Main Course, Desserts , Snacks etc. so that you can identify each recipes and Click on it.
I tried different cuisines, so I have put them under a specific header just to know where to head if I need something for certain time of the day. The list needs not be just on the region-wise food but also types of courses. Like starter, desserts, main course etc. The aim is to help when you want to choose from a particular cuisine or course. You can even ask for a specific dish, like there are many cuisines in India region-wise. So imagine, if I want to prepare some dishes for starter, this way it’s easier for you to know what should be prepared in starter.                     
Hope you like it...If you have any queries just send me a mail at or for more detail go to contact us.